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Product Name :   Boat
If you require a boat that provides a sense of security, excellent performance & easy handling then there is no boat better than The Unirub make Inflatable Boat. Highly regarded as one of the safest boat for Disaster & Rescue Management and it can also be used as a Tender as well as for Leisure Applications ( Fishing, picnics etc. )
You can select from boats ranging from 2 person to 12 persons capacity. Boats can be custom engineered depending on specific usage. Our Boats are strong, safe, made to last which is the result of  in-house manufacture. High strength Poly Amides & durable Hypalon / Neoprene coated fabrics are used resulting in super strong end products.
The Boats can be inflated by foot pump or compressor ( High pressure source ) & are fitted with in-house manufactured special Inflation / Deflation valves & Pressure Relief valves.
The Boats are supplied with either rigid wooden keels or Inflatable keels as well as with wooden, FRP floor boards, aluminum stringers.
We always recommend usage of Life jackets or Personal Floating Devices while using the boats.
Refer / contact for detailed accessories
You can select other inflatable boats such as River Rafts, Dingies, Banana Boats, Kayaks etc.
We also have a range of semi rigid inflatable boats(  RIBS )

We are in the process of developing Life Rafts for the Indian Navy. Watch this site.....

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